conferences feedback

We had a long discussion with Pauline about the Rubyk community and how we could setup the collaborations. The remarks from you folks in Lausanne and Geneva forced us to clarify some important points, mainly:

  • What are the criterions to select projects for collaborations ?
  • How will these collaborations actually work ?

As we tried to answer these questions, we realized it is better for us to focus on the diffusion of the software and the elaboration of tools and events to build the community. We are therefore looking for funds in order to:

  • organize workshops
  • organize presentations
  • setup tools for the community (website with videos, projects, tutorials, forum, etc)

Since we still want very much Rubyk to be really useful to users and easy to use, we now count on the users to try the tools and help us make everything better.

Collaborations around your own projects and needs are still possible (I would love to work with you guys) but they will not be “institutionalized”.

Gaspard Bucher


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