Links shown !

I’ve been waiting for 2 years to see something that would look like a signal processing tool… And finally, here it is: links in the patch view.


links in the patch view

As you can see in the image below, the link shape adapts when the outlet is lower then the inlet. This makes the links easier to see in this case.

upside down link

links upside down

testing with Slot colors

I think it’s ugly, will only show slot colors when connecting.

link colors

testing with slot colors

Slot tooltip

I’ve just added tooltip support. When you declare a method in Lua like this (or in C++ with equivalent code):

function fly(val)
  -- make laptop fly
  return true
inlet("fly", BangIO("If you send a bang here, your computer will fly"))

You get some nice tooltip for the inlet:

slot tootip

Gaspard Bucher


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