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  • changing name to lubyk

    The name of the whole project has been changed from “Rubyk” to “Lubyk” for the following reasons:

    • The first version of the project used Ruby as scripting language but for real-time performance reasons, this is no longer the case. Keeping a name with “Ruby” in it that has nothing to do with the now well known Ruby programming is confusing.
    • Everyone things of the Rubik’s cube when they hear “Rubyk” and although the little object is great, it makes people spell the project wrong.

    The new name is Lubyk because:

    • It sounds like fad in french.
    • The name reminds us of the Lua programming language (now at the core of the running engine).
    • We keep most of the letters that I liked in Rubyk (y and k especially).
    • The DNS names were free (,

    What does the name stand for ? Here are some retronyms:

    • Lunatic bumby yack
    • Lua based yield killer
    • Lua’s unusual binary you kiss (or ‘kiffe’...) (Philippe Lhoste)
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  • conferences feedback

    We had a long discussion with Pauline about the Rubyk community and how we could setup the collaborations. The remarks from you folks in Lausanne and Geneva forced us to clarify some important points, mainly:

    • What are the criterions to select projects for collaborations ?
    • How will these collaborations actually work ?

    As we tried to answer these questions, we realized it is better for us to focus on the diffusion of the software and the elaboration of tools and events to build the community. We are therefore looking for funds in order to:

    • organize workshops
    • organize presentations
    • setup tools for the community (website with videos, projects, tutorials, forum, etc)

    Since we still want very much Rubyk to be really useful to users and easy to use, we now count on the users to try the tools and help us make everything better.

    Collaborations around your own projects and needs are still possible (I would love to work with you guys) but they will not be “institutionalized”.

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  • conference: Art & Technology II

    The next meeting to discuss the “Rubyk” project (community and software) will take place in Geneva:

    Grütli theater
    Tuesday, June the 8th 2010 at 19h30 (attention: nouvelle date)
    “White Box” room, Rue Général Dufour 16, CH-1204 Genève

    Register: pauline…

    registration until: June 7th.

    conference details

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  • Retour table ronde à l'Arsenic

    La présentation du projet Rubyk ainsi que la discussion qui a suivi a été très motivante.

    Beaucoup de personnes que nous avons contactées n’ont pas pu venir mais ont exprimé leur intérêt et parmi les personnes présente, les solutions que nous proposons semble correspondre à des besoins réels.

    Pour celles et ceux qui n’ont pas pu venir, nous allons organiser une présentation à Genève au Grütli.

    pdf document

    3.2 Mb

    présentation projet rubyk

    Slides de la présentation lors de la table ronde.

    Le slide de présentation du logiciel Rubyk le plus important à mon avis concerne la notion de transfert de compétence entre les différents “moments” d’une réalisation technologique:


    cliquez sur l’image pour télécharger la présentation complète

    1. il doit être facile de créer de nouveaux objets à partir de code existant (science—> implémentation)
    2. il doit être facile d’assembler différents objets (implémentation -> patch)
    3. il doit être facile de publier des paramètres de réglage (implémentation / patch -> jeu)
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  • conference: Art & Technology


    Gaspard Buma, the Arsenic theater and the Grütli theater are inviting you to the meeting: Development of a community of interest: art and technology

    After two years of development, the open source tool old rubyk is arriving at maturity. To finalize this software we are going to finance a set of collaborations with artists having performance or installations projects that use new technologies and media.

    In order to better grasp the needs and to talk about the modalities of these collaborations, we are inviting any person interested and/or involved in these types of projects to join us at this meeting.


    Date: Thursday, May the 6th 2010
    Time: first session from 15pm to 16:30 and catch up session from 18:30 to 19pm
    Location: Théâtre de l’Arsenic / labo, Lausanne, Switzerland

    Date: Tuesday, June the 8th 2010
    Time: 19:30
    Location: Théâtre du Grütli / White Box, Rue Général Dufour 16, Geneva, Switzerland



    the technological beast finally tamed

    It is often frustrating to create art projects that use new technologies. It requires a lot of resources and many concessions to reach a goal often far away from the initial vision. The risk is often to forget the real issue at stake: serve the project.


    Rubyk is an open source tool and a community in progress that tries to tame the technological beast and make it serve art by freeing the creativity and sensibility of its users.

    The community: networking skills

    The Rubyk community project aims at easing the access to bleeding edge technologies for artists and to create synergies with the scientific body. To this end, we are creating a set of collaborations between artists and engineers. Through these encounters we want to build a community with a common language (Rubyk software) and sharing skills and experience related to art and technology projects.

    A intuitive tool to ease artistic work

    Used by artists to create their works and by scientists to do rapid prototyping, old rubyk is an open source software for real-time signal processing. It eases the transition from heavy engineering time (tool programming) and representation / experimenting time through parameter adaptation and good encapsulation. It also provides plug & play behavior between the elements connected on the network (captors, controllers, cameras, softwares, etc).

    Call for entries

    We will launch a call for entries in September to initiate collaborations with concrete projects. The collaborations will be organized as to solve specific problems often encountered whose resolution will benefit the community.

    Types of projects concerned / areas of interest

    Here is a short list to give some ideas on the areas of interest:

    • visual and audio productions, possibly interactive
    • control instruments through voice, body, ...
    • stage management: network based controllers
    • human/machine interface
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  • Created Q&A site for lubyk

    Hi there !

    I just create an Art & Technology Question and Answers site for lubyk and other matters of programming for art and design projects.

    This the place to discuss projects, answer coding questions, propose bug fixes and so on. I have made some special efforts to have proper code syntax coloring in OSQA (the framework behind the forum) so it should be a nice and instructive place to be.

    Cheers !

    forum lubyk

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